Expect a new quest for diplomats


And also to organize an international business forum, to establish business communication, to manage the information in social networks and to make correct media signals. And all this, of course, on "yesterday." And then there's an accident with your citizens!

That's about our new quest,- "Big stir in embassy". This case "will bring a completely new element in the system of training of diplomats," - said Dmitry Kuleba, Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

But the quest will be interesting not only to diplomats and students of the Faculty of International Relations. Quest involved all those interested in communications at the highest level. "In the XXI century it is time even to learn by the standards of this century. And not only for diplomats. After all, good diplomacy - it's excellent management. So the game will be interesting to anyone who is going to manage the processes on the highest level of complexity, "- said Kuleba.

Work on the case is almost done. Follow our news.


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