Let's play? An official release of our first business-case


We have a reason to focus attention on that our cases ( http://businessgames.club/en ) are based on real events. In 2013, invaders broke into the mine's director office, owned by one of the largest holdings. Accusing the administration in all conceivable sins, they demanded a meeting with the shareholder. The main instigator actively appeared in the media and was able to organize a riot of miners. Reputation of the holding has been spoiled and to rescue it, - is the task for leadership. But how to proceed? What to do in a limited time, and pressure from the media, authorities and leadership?

Then no one was ready to anything similar. But the participants of the events shared to us their stories, and their experiences. All playable characters have their real prototypes. And every action a player can make in the game, he could make in life, into a similar situation. That's why the game "Blackmail at the Mine" will be an excellent training platform for all those involved in communications. For the rest it will be entertaining fun. 

Of course, at the same time, we do not stop. Our team is already preparing the next cases, and we will describe them in later news. As always, we are open to your comments and ideas to improve our products!

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